Eddie Napleton

 Eddie Napleton (Edward Napleton Jr) Information & Background

Eddie Napleton, a fourth-generation auto retailer with the Napleton Automotive Group. Being a member of one of America's preeminent automotive dealership families has taught him invaluable lessons in all aspects of the car dealership business. His father, Ed Napleton, along with three of his siblings, are still involved in the day-to-day operations of the group.

Eddie Napleton Interests

Eddie Napleton's passion has always been for the automotive industry and how to make it better for customers and businesses alike. Outside of the automotive industry though, Eddie is an avid golfer, loves all Chicago sports teams, but is most passionate about the Chicago Bears. He has held many positions throughout the auto industry dating back to his childhood.  He has gained much experience in all levels of the auto industry, some of those positions include:
  • Porter
  • Salesman
  • Finance
  • Sales Manager
  • General Manager
  • Platform Director

Outside of his many personal donations, Eddie & His Father Edward Napleton have always believed in supporting not only the communities they serve, but other communities in need as well. 

Eddie Napleton - GM Orientation Day

Eddie Napleton

A few of the donations the Ed Napleton Automotive Group has made recently are:
  • Napleton was named Chairman of the United Way Annual Contribution Drive

  • Frequent Financial Donor to various health organizations including the American Cancer Society, American Diabetes Association, the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and the St. Baldrick's Childhood Cancer Research Foundation

  • Frequent financial donor to humanities and arts foundations including the Art Institute of Chicago and PBS Public Television

  • Frequent financial donor to educational institutions and causes such as Boston College,
    The Center for Science in the Public Interest, Evans Scholars Foundation, Children at the
    Crossroads Foundation, Circle of Friends, Mercy Home for Boys and Girls and various schools

  • Donation of buses to Boston College for use by their athletic programs

  • A donor of the 385-acre open space, natural recreation area, known as the Reservoir Pond to the City of Canton, Massachusetts, a $13.8 million donation

  • Currently planning the transformation of a dealership building to a detailing center employing job-seeking veterans

  • Contributions to the Flint, Michigan Water Drive

Eddie Napleton and his father also believe each store should do their part to help the communities they are in as well.  Each store gets involved in their own community in many different ways, with donations, running for a cause or sending employees to help.

Eddie Napleton Wedding

Jami Napleton, Eddie's Wife

After graduating, Eddie Napleton found himself working his way up through the Napleton Auto Group. Eddie found the love of his life, his wife Jami Wannstedt whom he married shortly after graduating. Eddie and his wife now have three boys and live in the Chicago area, where Jami Napleton is a Second Grade teacher. After spending many years in West Palm Beach, Eddie and Jami relocated back to Chicago where they are originally from.

Eddie and Wife Jami Napleton

ife Jami Napleton

Eddie Napleton and Jami (Wannstedt) Napleton and their three boys pictured above.  Like Eddie, the three boys already love sports, including golf just like their father. Of the three boys, one will still carry on the Eddie Napleton Jr. Name.

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Eddie Napleton Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is Eddie Napleton?
Eddie Napleton is the son of Edward Napleton (3rd generation car dealer) of the Napleton Automotive Group
What School did Eddie Napleton Attend?
Eddie attended Fenwick High School and after that he went to college at Spring Hill in Mobile, AL.  He also studied in Rome through Loyola University.
Searching for "Eddie Napleton Video"?
If you are searching for the videos Eddie did this play list will have some: Eddie Napleton Video
Who is Eddie Napleton's wife?
Eddie Napleton is happily Married to Jami (Wannstedt) Napleton.
Is there any Eddie Napleton News?
While it's not Eddie Napleton News, the Napleton News site is a great source for news on upcoming vehicles and just released vehicles.  There is also coverage of auto shows across the world.
Where was Eddie Napleton Born?
Napleton was born in the Chicago, IL area.  He has also spent time in West Palm Beach Florida.