The Ed Napleton Automotive Group has been named the best car dealership group for used and new vehicle sales in the state of Illinois by Automotive News, a Crain Communications publication widely considered to be the leading authoritative source for the industry. 

With a total of 26,975 used vehicle sales and 32,451 in new vehicles sales in 2018, the Ed Napleton Automotive Group is growing at a rapid pace and has already claimed the title as the top performing private auto dealership group in the state.

One of the challenges that face larger automotive groups is generating consistently high sales for both used and new vehicles. Often times, dealerships tend to focus on making one of the two a primary focus in order to be successful while maintaining strong customer service standards.

The Ed Napleton Automotive Group has made it a point to excel in both areas while remaining true to its customer-first business model. As a result, the private automotive group sits atop the pyramid of top-performing dealership organizations throughout the state, an honor that is widely coveted and well-deserved.

Customers and auto dealers in Illinois are expected to continue looking to the Ed Napleton Automotive Group to set the standard of excellence in car-buying for years to come.